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15 Things You’ll Wish You’d Done During Pregnancy!


Mostly pregnant women waste away their pregnancy period doing things like whining about swollen feet, yelling at husbands for not reading baby book, prepping for the welcome of newborn, or worrying about the delivery. Pregnancy doesn’t mean that you missed out your opportunity to live a carefree, indulgent, and to-some-extent selfish lifestyle. We have made a checklist of things that every mom-to-be should do during pregnancy. Because this is the time when you can live your own life and do the things that could planned before.
1. Spend the whole day lazing around in bed. Take naps, have breakfast in bed, read magazines or paint your nails. We guarantee you that you’ll never have such day unless you are actually sick.

2. Never ever refuse to take an extra concert ticket even if it’s offered just two hours before the event. Grab this opportunity because you’ll not get such chances once you have a kid.

3. So what if you can’t drink? Hit up the bar and be thankful for these childless nights.

4. Enjoy everything. Stay out all night doing the fun things because the only all-nighter you’ll get as a new mom is with a colicky baby.

5. You have much time to sleep, so why not to sleep until middays. When you have gotten so much sleep, you actually tired again.

6. Get a ride of roller coaster, and do your best to act like a kid in the amusement park.

7. Make a list of your favorite movies and those ones that you were planning to watch long ago. Because you have plenty of time to waste.

8. Have more sex and have sex on the places you are not supposed to. Just move it out into the kitchen now and then, because once you have a kid you’ll be relegated to your bedroom for the future.

9. Wear all of your expensive jewelry, designer clothes and handbags because after having kids you’ll have to carry a diaper bag and jewelry won’t make you feel comfortable.

10. It’s your time so spend it completely for you. Do the things you like.

11. Take unnecessarily long baths. If
you get out and your fingers are not pruney, go back in there.

12. Take a meandering walk and visit your favorite places where you don’t have a destination in mind.

13. If you are in mood of having junk food, don’t order it. Instead go out to dinner because soon you’ll never have a chance to go out for dinner without kids.

14. Give more time to your hair and spend one extra hour on your make up, not because you need that, but because you can.

15. The last but not least, get away on a girls’ weekend. We can guarantee that there’s nothing like it. You’ll not have time to plan it once you have kid.

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