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3 Ways to Plan Family Activities

Plan Family Activities

A family is best described as a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. This being the case, isn’t it strange that members of the same family spend more time apart than together? At times, it becomes even hard for family members to set aside time whereby they can sit and enjoy a meal together. This is where the need for family activities comes in. Through them, you can spend more quality time together, have fun and enjoy each other’s company. But, for this to happen, you have to meticulously plan these activities so as to make them a success. Below are 3 ways to plan family activities that you’ll find very helpful:

Get everyone incolved in the planning

When planning a family activity, you have to get everyone involved for their commitment, contributions and opinions will help in determining the success of the activity. This stage is more of a brainstorming phase. Let everyone air their thoughts on the things they like to do and would like other members of the family to take part in. However absurd they may sound, listen to them and let everyone else say how they feel about them.

Also, decide on the best times that you would like to have these activities take place and how frequently you’d like them to happen. For instance, in case of family dinners, you may settle for once or thrice per week. Settling for regular rather than one-time activities is encouraged.

Choose the best activity

Even though it’s the parents who are going to make the final decision, have everyone vote to see which activity wins. A smart way of doing this would be by voting in the top three activities and letting the kids know that mommy and daddy are the ones who are going to make the final decision. Then, when choosing the activity, take into consideration everyone’s schedule so as to make sure that they will be available.

Assign a leadership role

If you want your kids to grow into responsible adults, you have to start assigning them leadership roles at an early stage. But won’t assigning a role to one child make the other(s) feel left out? Well, it all depends with the activity in question. For instance, if you settle for hiking, let the child who is a big fan of the outdoors act as the leader. If you decide to take part in a sporting activity, let the child who’s most athletic lead the team/family.

This doesn’t mean that the parent should take a back seat. Instead, you should continue playing your role as the parent cum leader of the family but, passively. That way, the child in charge will feel that you trust them enough hence prompt them to make you proud. In addition, this will help in boosting their self-confidence and self-worth.



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