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5 Tips To Make Reading Fun For Your Child


This article reveals 5 tips for making reading fun for your child to learn. It’s proven that boys learn very differently to girls so the approach that you adopt needs to be one that suits your child’s individual learning needs. There are many good theories available on how to make reading fun for your child and in addition, lots of valuable resources, however, when it comes to your child and what’s best for them you should recognize that that ‘one-size-doesn’t suit-all’ children.

Closing The Current Reading Gap Between Boys And Girls

Closing the current reading gap between girls and boys requires insights into why the difference exists in the first place and for many years, educators have been working closely with government organizations, schools, libraries, parents and other community based groups to close that gap the gap between boys and girls in terms of reading.

Tip #1 – Setup A “Special Reading Time” Everyday

One way to make reading fun is to set aside a regular reading time every day. depending on your child’s age, this could either be in the morning, possible at breakfast or at bedtime. Some parents who have successfully used this method even schedule reading times for the afternoon. In order to increase your chances of success and make it more attractive to your child, you should insure that you discuss it with her or him in advance. This will create anticipation and a desire for the “special reading time” and make it more appealing.

Tip #2 – Rules of Engagement

To learn from the internet where interactivity and engagement with the user is high you should allow your child to hold the book and turn the pages as they become old enough to do so. You’re involving them in the action. Don’t worry if they flip more than one page … what you’re seeking is engagement.

Tip #3 – Play The Part To Make It Interesting And Exciting

To really make reading fun you’ll need to play the part of the characters in the book. Once you’ve picked a comfortable place to read the book use different voices for the individual characters and be as expressive as possible as you read. Children have great imagination and you’ll be helping them create movies in their minds as you read. Feel free to sing or talk about the pictures if you’re reading a picture book for example. It makes it all more fun for both you and your child.

Tip #4 – More Coming Up …

Because children have short attention span, you shouldn’t expect to complete the book in a single sitting. In addition, you want to give them something to look forward to don’t you? As they grow older, the amount of time that they can sit and absorb for will increase. Don’t overstretch them or you’ll ruin the experience.

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By: Bayo Akinola Odusola