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7 Delicious Recipes With Cauliflower


You have ignored it at the salad bar, pretended it was not there in your salad and even snubbed it for its dark green cousin. Yep, I mean cauliflower. But this veggie is healthy and should be a part of your diet. What if I told you that eating more cauliflower is as simple as eating more pizza and buffalo wings? Yes, now I have your attention.
Cauliflower is incredibly adaptable. It is far more than broccoli’s albino cousin that no one wants. It’s perfect in baked goods and a lovely grain alternative.
Check out these seven classic recipes that you can easily make with cauliflower.

1. Baked potato bar
If you are a baked potato lover then here is a great way to sneak more veggies into your diet. This recipe is for a Twice Baked Potato using cauliflower.

2. Veggie Dip … literally
Cauliflower is not anyone’s first choice from the veggie platter. Or their 2nd or 3rd. But that’s okay because with this dip made from cauliflower it does not matter what you pick.

3. Cauliflower French Fries
If you prefer your potatoes as a finger food, these Cauliflower Fries are both healthy and delicious. I already know what I’m having with next veggie burger.

4. Pizza anytime
By using cauliflower for your pizza crust, you can poke into this dinner favorite any time of the day.

5. Roasted Cauliflower Bites
If you are a Cool Ranch fan, then these Ranch-Flavored Cauliflower Bites are a delicious, healthier alternative for your snacking joy than overly salty chips.

6. Taco Tuesday
Tacos are a classic way to introduce lots of different foods into your diet and cauliflower is no exception, what’s not love when there are sour cream and fresh salsa? You must try these Cauliflower Tacos and there’s no need to wait until Tuesday!

7. Buffalo-free Buffalo Wings
This amazing appetizer is not only healthier made with cauliflower, it is also vegetarian-friendly. You are gonna wanna save this wing recipe for a game day.

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