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Awesome Leftover Tips


It might sound like a good problem to have, but a bunch of left over champagne -whether it be from your wedding or from your new years eve bash – might actually just be cluttering your home. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of ways to get rid of it. Here’s 8 Totally Surprising Uses For Leftover Champagne.

1. Shampoo

Not only will champagne make your blonde highlights pop, but it’s fizz can also add volume to hair. However, you still probably want to use alongside your normal hair products.

2. Shoe Shiner

After applying polish, add a few drops of champagne to your shoes. The bubbly cuts the fat in the polish to make your leather shine.

3. Scrambled eggs

If your champs is still fizzy, feel free to pour some into your scrambled eggs to make them extra fluffy.

4. Bubble Bath

Putting champagne in your bath water can help to exfoliate dry skin. For real.

5. Ice Cubes
Here’s a thought. Pour some champs into ice cube trays and freeze them. This way, the next time you need to chill a spritzer in a pinch, grab a cube and you’ve got a quick cold one.

6. Skin toner

I bet you didn’t know, but champagne is loaded with vitamins C and E. Add this to it’s natural anti oxidants and you’ve got yourself a perfect toner and skin brightener for your face.

7. Decor

Champagne bottles make for great vases and corks make for even better cork boards and picture frames.

8. Cook

So you may be over drinking it, but what about eating it? There’s tons of recipes out there that call for champagne as a secret ingredient. It’s especially good with seafood like white fish or scallops.


By: Cheri Cola