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Best Food For Kids

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Many times parents ask what is the best food for kids. Parents who are struggling with making sure their kids are getting the right kinds of food often wonder what to serve. The same goes for parents of picky eaters. Not knowing what to feed your children, especially when you want what’s best for them can be pretty distressing. Good thing there’s an amazing thing called the healthy food pyramid that allows parents to figure out what to feed their children and in what quantities!

It goes without saying that vegetables is one of the best food for kids. It’s full of vitamins and nutrients that children need to stay strong and growth healthily. Vegetables can also act as cleansers for the body. They can sweep out toxins and other unneeded or unnecessary products that may have come from other foods. Eating a lot of vegetables also helps your child’s skin, and overall appearance. You will find that your child will start to glow and be in the pink of health!

Grains are another natural cleanser, especially whole grains which provide fiber. In fact one of the best food for kids these days is whole grains. Not only do they provide cleansing fiber, however, but they also provide the necessary carbohydrates children need to stay active and energetic. There are many types of whole grains now available in the market. There is practically a whole grain alternative for every refined grain product these days, so there’s no excuse not to eat them!

One of the yummiest parts of most meals is represented by the protein group. All children need protein because it helps their brains function, and keeps their blood good. What parents have to be careful with is the kind of protein they serve their children. Beans and lean meats are the best food for kids when it comes to protein because you do away with a lot of fat and cholesterol.

One of the other best food for kids is the vegetable group’s partner in crime. Fruit is really healthy and does many of the same things vegetables do. What’s great about fruit is that most of them are really sweet, and there are so many to choose from. Even one kid of fruit can have many different varieties. Parents should find the fruit their children like, and serve these all the time to make sure that there is enough fruit in their child’s system.

Finally, dairy. While most kids outgrow it after a while,, dairy is still one of the best food for kids, and is still a food group people need well into adulthood. Providing good fats and calcium for strong bones, dairy is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. When children outgrow the taste of milk, turn to other dairy products like yogurt.

All in all, the five food groups that comprise the pyramid make up the best food for kids. As soon as you’ve covered these five, it’s all about combinations and portions!

The kids food pyramid is a quick and easy guide that every parent can use to help make sure their child is getting the correct portions of the different food groups everyday. If you want to learn more about the kids food pyramid, it’s different food groups, as well as menus to help you balance your child’s daily food intake, check out Kids Food Pyramid and learn all you need to know about the best food for your kids!


By: Maggie Rahn

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