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Beware Of The Sugar Moms


“There is an increasing concern that consumption of free sugars – particularly in the form of sugar-sweetened beverages – increase overall energy intake and may reduce the intake of foods containing more nutritionally adequate calories,” by the World Health Organization.

Sugar has a very high caloric content with no nutritional value. Your body processes sugar quickly giving you that sugar rush; a super burst of energy, following a crash that makes you feel even more tired and craving more sugar to boost you up again. Starting a vicious cycle, and creating a bad habit. Before you know it, you become addicted to the sugar and the rush!

Besides causing weight gain, sugar also encourages Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypoglycemia, cancer, mood swings, behavior problems, and tooth decay to name a few. To eat less sugar, it’s really important that you read and understand the many forms that sugar comes in by reading the food labels. Consuming less sugar may be a hard thing to do, but if you weigh the health factors, which one is more important to you?

Here are some steps to help avoid the sugar rush and health related issues.

1) Natural is best! Eat a piece of fruit next time you are craving sugar. Don’t add sugar to your drinks or cereals.

2) Eat whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts which contain some natural sugar, but also provide a dietary source of fiber, and nutrients to help balance your blood sugar levels.

3) Avoid processed carbohydrates such as pastas, white rice, and white breads. They quickly convert to blood sugar, and alters the body’s natural metabolic balance, and fat control.

4) Dilute natural sweets, such as juices with pure water.

5) Watch out for labels that say fat free. These products actually contribute to health, and weight problems, and contain more sugar.

6) Don’t add sugar to your drinks or cereals.

7) Educate yourself by learning the other names of refined sugar.

• Cane sugar
• Fructose
• Brown sugar
• Beet sugar
• Glucose
• Grape sugar
• Date sugar
• Maltose
• Maltodextrin
• Dextran
• Dextrose
• Sorbitol
• Corn syrup
• High-fructose corn syrup
• Caramel
• Corn sugar
• Fruit juice
• Fruit juice concentrate
• Barley malt
• Sorghum syrup
• Carob syrup

By: Cheri Cola