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Boy Or Girl?

What to Avoid When Sleep Training Your Baby

Boy or girl? That’s the big question on the mind of every parent-to-be. Yeah, you can get the answer at the 20-week ultrasound, just like everyone else. But the parent who has the will and fortitude to wait until the baby is born is pretty amazing.

Here are 6 excellent reasons why you should wait to find out the gender of your baby.

The ultrasound could be incorrect. You decorate your new baby’s room in your favorite girl inspired theme. Register for all the frilly, cute girly items. Your Great Grandma Gertie crochets her new grandbaby the most intricate purple blanket, only to find out when your baby is born…it’s really a BOY!!!
Gender-reveal parties are overrated. Why go to the trouble of planning a gender-reveal party when the biggest surprise party is on delivery day? Discovering the gender of baby is extra special when you can look into their eyes and hold them, rather than just hold a card that says boy or girl.
You are growing life’s last great mystery in your belly. Many parents love not knowing until delivery day. The waiting game is much more fun for them than finding out through ultrasound. Especially the parents who love to make everything a competition. Making bets with family, friends, and coworkers on gender and birthday is much more exciting!
Labor becomes even more breathtaking. Giving birth is such a miracle in- and-of-itself, who knew it could be even more meaningful? But when you hear big brother shout out that he has a new little sister, you will cry even harder!! Now that is a memory to write in the baby book.
You love surprises. If surprises are your favorite, then you have picked the perfect time to have the ultimate one. The birth of your child is the greatest present you will ever wait nine-months for.
Being retro is kinda your thing. Technology is wonderful and medical advances are life altering, but not knowing your baby’s gender is so seventies, and nostalgic.

By: Cheri Cola