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Do Babies Learn Something In Mother’s Womb? Know What They Learn


When babies are in their mother’s womb, we thought that they are born without any sort of knowledge and they learn all the things after their birth. But recently researchers challenge this raw assumption and stated that babies are in learning position even in the womb during the time of pregnancy.

Researchers said that your baby learn certain things when he or she in the womb, they remember certain sounds and remember after even after when they come into the world. Babies began to use their senses in the utero. From about 10 weeks, baby start wriggling and stretching his or her tiny limbs.

When babies reach the 23th week of pregnancy they are enable to listen your voice other sounds as well and they also respond back, their main sound track is your heartbeat, breathing, pumping etc.

When they are in mother’s womb and someone play any sound track, after their birth they recognize the sound you can confirm by checking their heart beat, their heart beat become faster.

Babies also develop also taste whatever you ate before the delivery happens. Because all the diet which you had consume during pregnancy time, they also get it from mother.

Studies showed that, “babies whose mothers drink a lot of carrot juice during the last trimester of pregnancy, preferred carrot-flavored cereal. It highlights the importance of variety diet during pregnancy as it helps your child to enjoy a wide range of different foods.”

Cognition development of the baby in the womb can be possible while doing talking, singing, reading, stories are playing music. You can let them experience all the activities in the womb.

In Korea, women practicing Taegyo at regular basis during the time pregnancy because women believe that it will develop their child.

In France, parents practiced a technique before and after the child birth which is touch and designed to help the bond between the parents. They believe that through the communication and by touching and feeling you can develop your child cognition, at teach them which thing is very important for him and for their parents.

There is no evidence of touch practicing and Taego has that it is really helpful for your child before delivery, but your natural and every day activities teach him a lot.

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