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Five Easy Tips to Help you Paint a Kid’s Room

Easy Tips to Help you Paint a Kid’s Room

Putting a fresh coat of paint on a drab room is a great way to dress up your décor without spending a huge amount of money. For those on a budget, a new paint scheme will give you the most for your money. Painting a kid’s room can brighten their environment and give them a theme that they love while helping you stay on budget. However, some people may not feel comfortable wielding the paintbrushes and assorted tools themselves. It really is easy to update a kid’s room with just a couple of gallons of paint and a little time and effort. Here are five easy tips to help you paint a kid’s room.

  1. Pick a Theme: If your child is old enough to discuss this with you, talk to them and let them help pick a theme. When you know what your kids are interested in, you can then choose a color to help you build a room with that theme. Most experts suggest choosing one color and then accenting or decorating with other colors or art to build the décor.
  2. Materials: Invest in good materials, and it will make all the difference. Choose a quality pain with a primer built in to get great coverage. Also, plan on purchasing two gallons for an average size room. For a child’s room, get an eggshell gloss or a satin finish. This will give you the ability to easily clean and wipe down the walls after they are painted. You will also need painter’s tape, good quality brushes and rollers, paint trays and drop cloths. Spend the extra few dollars on the better quality paint and brushes and you won’t be disappointed.
  3. Prepare the Room: Prepare the room by removing all furniture and putting a drop cloth down on the floor. Remove all light and electrical cover plates. Using a mild detergent or a vinegar mix, give the walls a sponge bath to remove dust and debris. Now use the painter’s tape to tape off all door and window trim. You can also use the tape on the ceiling and baseboards if you don’t feel comfortable cutting in. Use painter’s putty to fill in any small gaps or nicks in the wall. Let that dry and use fine sandpaper over it. Wipe up any dust.
  4. Mix the Paint: Use a bucket and mix the paint. Even if made at the same time, separate gallons of paint may have slight color variations. By mixing the two gallons together, you can assure that you have a uniform color.
  5. Paint from Top Down: Starting at the ceiling, cut in around the edges, the doors and windows. Use the roller to paint from the top down, and then cut in around the base boards. Let the paint dry well, preferably several hours or overnight. Apply the second coat and let dry as well.

You are now ready to carefully remove the painter’s tape and enjoy that new, clean, crisp room! Use these five tips to help you paint a kid’s room to freshen up the décor of your child’s room today!



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