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Women Like Those Men Who Love Kids

Father And Daughter Indoors Playing And Smiling

Women took less interest in men, who are on social sites photos with kids. But longtime relationships can adjust anything in it.
Women like men, who are in love with kids, because women do not want a man with great financial career only but also she wants a man who will be a good dad in future, according to a 2014 study, published in the Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment. These findings are based on field experiments outside a local bar.

Studies said that women attracted more in men who love kids. Studies involved surveying and showing participants in the laboratories. The author of the study, Nicolas Gueguen, who is a professor of social and cognitive psychology at the University of South Brittany said “he wanted to confirm this allure in a real world setting”. Gueguen recruited three twenty year old male and also two mother with their infants.

When a single mom sat at the table, one man also sat nearby table.
After a few minutes, a woman with their kid came there. Man greeted her as her sister and kissed the baby while talking with mom about how her kid ate and sleep.

Then man made his move towards single woman whom he saw earlier and asked for her phone number.
Women are attracted towards those men who are more likely love kids.

But how a women treats the kids has no effects on men.
If a man has “good dad qualities” then he has a “good partner qualities” as well.

Both these qualities are very important in man women relationship, the better husband wife relationship will ultimately a good relationship with their k9ids as well. The way he treats the kids, he treats his women.

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