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Four Easy to Clean Up Crafts for Kids

Easy to Clean Up Crafts for Kids

It takes most kids about five minutes into summer vacation before they are screaming they’re bored! While keeping our kids occupied and busy during the summer is an attainable goal, most of us would like to do this without a huge amount of messes to clean up. Try these four easy to clean up crafts for kids! These crafts require NO glue and need very little supervision or clean up detail.

  • Button Bracelets: With just a little string and lots of spare buttons, you can make colorful and jingly button bracelets. Either pull out your button box or search EBay for a lot of various buttons you can purchase for dirt cheap, give the kids about ten inches of colorful yarn or string and a large embroidery needle. Let them pick the sizes, colors and designs of buttons they like and have them string them onto the yarn. When they get enough to span their wrist, wrap the bracelet around their wrist and tie it off for them. Voila! A beautiful and colorful creation!
  • Washi Tape Bracelets: Toilet paper rolls are just the right size for little wrists. Cut through the roll long ways first. Then stretch out the roll to cut three equal sizes. This should give you pliable wrist bracelets. Have a variety of Washi tape available to choose from and let the kids start taping up the toilet paper rolls for decorative and sturdy Washi tape bracelets. Decorative duct tape will also work in a pinch if you don’t have Washi tape on hand.
  • Spray Chalk: Spray chalk is easy to make and easy to use. The best thing is it washes off with just a little water or the next rain shower. Find some spray bottles at the dollar store or in the laundry section of your grocery store. You will also need various colors of food coloring. Mix six tablespoons cornstarch, three cups water and 10 drops of food coloring for each color. Pour the mixture into the spray bottles. Give the bottles a gentle shake and let the kids hit the concrete to make pictures and designs.
  • No Mess Finger Paints: Almost all kids love to finger paint, but it makes an incredible mess. With no mess finger paints, you get all the fun and none of the mess. You need a gallon sized zipper bag, colorful finger paints or acrylic paints, and painter’s tape. Carefully add several dollops of paint throughout the bag without mixing the colors. Removing as much air as possible, seal the bag and secure it to a table by taping it down on all sides with painter’s tape. Double tape the edge with the zipper. Little fingers can now mash the colors all around to form a finger painted masterpiece! No mess! Just toss it in the trash when you’re done.

These four easy to clean up crafts for kids will keep you busy this summer while eliminating the mess of most crafts!





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