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How Can I Teach My Kids to Stop Cursing?

How Can I Teach My Kids to Stop Cursing

When your child is learning to speak they will pick up a lot of words they probably shouldn’t be saying. Here are some tips to get your child to stop using curse words and free them from the potty mouth.

We understand that you could be in shock when your child drops one of those four letter words that isn’t more or milk. It can come as a surprise and we know that you worry about how you can stop that. You’re not alone. Many parents deal with young children who have to be de-censored before school.

Once your child is three or four they start noticing your reaction when they say certain words so in their minds they are going to keep saying it because they enjoy the look on your faces. At that age it’s exciting to test the limits of their parents. Keep in mind though that if you over react your child will most likely want to keep saying the word regardless of what you say anymore.

How to Respond

When your child says a word that you don’t approve of the first thing you need to do is stay calm and don’t let your child sense any humor or anger. You don’t ever want your child to know these are bad words. You want your child to know when it’s appropriate to say them and when it’s not. Examples would be: Poop, butt and pee. These are perfectly normal bodily functions but not appropriate to giggle about at the dinner table.

Kids Understand Emotion

If your child start dropping the big F bomb here and there it’s most likely because they have heard it slipped out from someone who was emotionally driven in that moment. Children understand emotion even though they don’t know the meaning of that word they are using but they do understand it’s because someone was upset or frustrated when they used it. They are like sponges and soak up everything around them. Obviously you can’t keep their ears pure because we all slip up and curse sometimes and so will strangers. You just have to explain to them that those words are not nice and that you try your best to have positive role models in your children lives.

When Kids Say “Stupid”

Some parents will say this word is okay while most say it’s not. Young children don’t intend to hurt another child’s feelings. At this age they haven’t mastered empathy yet. They do understand that the word gets your attention or the person they said it to which is why they said it in the first place. You just have to help your child understand that words like that can really make someone sad and help them understand those words are off limits. You can ask your child how they would feel if someone called them stupid. Help them explain themselves better when they feel frustrated.

Make an effort to avoid using these words yourself. Encourage your child to use appropriate talk by praising her for expressing herself without resorting to mean words when she’s upset.



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