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How To Prepare Your Kid For Writing

Teaching your little one to write is not an easy task. It requires more than just placing a pencil in the hand and viewing them images. Your kid needs to practice a lot, but it cannot be possible without your help and consideration. Many kids seem to write as a complex job. Your encouragement is very important for them as it motivate kid for writing. While teaching writing to your kids, you must keep these three easy things in your mind.

Here are three keys to teaching writing to your kid.

Strengthen Their Hands:

Firstly you should give strength to their hands. For giving strength to their hand, you should encourage them to write as much as possible. Drawing and cutting with safety scissors are helpful to give strength to kid’s hands. Therapist Jennifer Hallissy, says tasks, like cutting with scissors or playing with play-doh, are excellent ideas to build hand muscles strong.

Encourage a Good Grip:

You can also assist your child to have an improved grip by giving him a smaller pencil because these are easier to grip. The pencil must be held between the index finger and thumb although resting on the middle finger. But if your kid holds a pencil with his three fingers, this is still all right. But for lefties writing is a big challenge as they tend to coat their words with their hand.

Keep Children in Proper Postures:

Occupational therapist and Pediatric handwriting specialist Cheryl Bregman explain that you can use an easel to avoid this problem and improve the child’s writing technique too. As children are learning to write, they may find it hard to grip the paper and pencil at the same time.

Being a mother you have many responsibilities on your shoulders, teaching your kid is one of these responsibilities. Writing is important for kids as it’s a main challenge in their schooling process.

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