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How to Schmooze Your Lover With Touches


Touch is the most powerful weapon to get the message “I Love you” across to your lover effectively if you do it the right way. Do it the wrong way with the wrong intention; and you will be judged and misinterpreted as dirty, awkward or psychotic or being accused of sexual harassment.

Touch is good for everyone, touch is good for love. From holding hands or a light cuddle to a warm embrace; your body language must exude strongly with a non verbal message: touch me to enjoy the aspects of physical touches successfully.

A friendly and light cuddle is good for those who just know each other not for long and when you would like to keep a friendly distance among each other when intimacy is not being fully established yet.

A tender cuddle is good to give to make yourself or your partner fee comfortable, reassured and affirming; when you would like to give each other support or feeling of rapport. Your body is likely to react with understanding and comfort.

A warm embrace is soothing and relaxing; it makes you feel good and alive. It could make you feel safe and trusted. Caressing could be sensual and relaxing when you do it right. By doing it right requires your sensitivities to tune into your partner’s mood, the soft spots, and his/her dislike or likes. First of all, your lover needs to feel completely relaxed and comfortable before you can proceed to further stage of higher arousal. A light touch here and there, that is targeting at the soft spots it always welcome, a rub on the back of the body, or a tickle behind the back is fun for your lover who enjoys to be teased.

A touch on the cheek , the hair, the lips can be very sensual and done beautifully. Sensual strokes can lead to the beautiful prelude of an unforgettable love making, try playing on each other with a primitive need in mind, leave your worries behind, forget about what are you going to cook for the dishes tonight. For men, what can I say: I forget to key this onto my computer.

A fine tune on the mental point: absolutely relaxed, have no expectation of how your lover is going to react, or thinking that how come your lover does not respond in a way you want. Program this message into your head that you love to see her happy; and you do and react in a very natural and confident manner; not overly slow and you become clumsy, just visualize her as your goddess/ him as your Adonis, close your eyes and enjoy the process. Trust your feelings, the more positive emotions you carry along with you. The better your physical touch can elevate your partner and yourself.

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By: Angeline Hudson