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How to Start a Home Herb Garden – A Great Stress Reliever


You had a hard day at work, and now you are home and you need to relieve some stress. Well, having an herb garden is a great stress reliever. If you don’t have an herb garden yet, let me tell you how to start a home herb garden and why this is a great stress reliever.

When I get into my garden I am in my own world. The only things that matter in life while I am gardening are the plants in front of me. One of the things I like about having a home herb garden is the herbs don’t talk back.

You really don’t need a lot to start an herb garden; all you need are some basic tools and a little know how. But once you get your garden going you will find that it is a great stress reliever. A few days ago my wife had one of those bad days and she came home all upset and mad at the world. I told her that after dinner we would go out into the garden and she could vent with the herbs. I think another reason why having an herb garden is so relaxing is because when you plant your seeds and see the fruits (or in this case the herbs) of your labor you have a sense of accomplishment.

It is also rewarding when you have people over for dinner and someone compliments you on the way a meal tastes and they ask you what type of spices you use to get that great flavor.

Herbs have many benefits, such as they give flavor to the food, cure your cold and flu, and also get rid of insects from your home. When you get ready to start your home herb garden, remember you can grow all types of herbs. One of the first things you need to do is decide where you will place your garden. Keep in mind that you will need a good drainage system for your herbs; otherwise you will be taking away the change of planting a healthy plant due to saturation.

Dig one foot deep and insert a layer of crushed rocks, this is so that the water can just escape from the area, thus keeping the plant healthy.

Next, you need to select the kind of herb that you want to plant. You can make this by essentially examining what you use the most in your kitchen.

By doing this, you can have your own fresh herbs and can also save money. These are just a few starting tips on how to start a home herb garden.


By: Sean Templeton

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