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How to Transform the Law of Attraction into a “Zen Voyage” – Music for Meditation and for Busy Moms


If you are like me, you are probably wondering what this Law of Attraction is all about?

Last year, I traveled to India to study and sing with a group of singers and chanting masters. As soon as we started chanting, I felt a sudden shift happen within me. It was amazing! I felt such freedom and inner peace. I had discovered music mantras; (old sacred teaching/texts or meditations from the Veda which help calm your mind) and it finally helped me shut the chatter box in my mind.

So how does this relate to the Law of Attraction? As shown in the Secret, the Law of Attraction will help you create your ideal future by repeating your wishes and visualizing your future in the present moment. By focusing on them daily, the universe will then bring to you the opportunities to act upon and make your wishes a reality.

Now you do not need to go to India, nor be a singer either. You can create your own sacred place right where you are, right now-

Just close your eyes and repeat the following mantra in your mind (say it aloud if you can, if not, repeat it in your mind)


This is a meditation mantra and it is repeated to attain spiritual growth. Repeat this mantra all day long and see what happens, but do it consistently.

My India experience was so amazing and transformative that when I got back, I decided to record the mantras so I can relive this inner- peace feeling daily.

That is when I decided to record ZEN Voyage, a music CD that will calm your mind and soothe your soul. I hope I can help others soothe themselves through my voice and music. Namaste

To get your FREE music download, go to:


Lea Longo is a full time mother, an award winning singer/songwriter, and the co-producer of Zen Voyage. For more on mantra music , please visit You can also e-mail Lea at : [email protected]


By: Lea Longo

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