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Make Rainbow Sour Patch Kids Vodka


You may have seen or attempted Skittles-infused vodka, but if you are looking to spook your taste buds this Halloween, then try these Sour Patch Kids colorful shots, made from infusing the sour-sweet candies into vodka.
It will not only bring a new color, but it also adds a fresh taste in your regular vodka.

Sour Patch Kids, colors divided

1.In an airtight glass jars fill all halfway with Sour Patch Kids. Top with vodka, and then seal them. Allow to fill over a week, shaking these jars once in a while. Instead, speed up the process by running the jars through a dishwasher on a standard cycle without soap.

2.After the Sour Patch Kids have curved white strain each of the colors discretely through cheesecloth or a coffee filter to strain out remaining particles, starting with yellow, then red, then orange,. Use separate filters for blue and green so the colors don’t blood loss. Throw away the gummies. Wash bottles thoroughly, and then return each strained Sour Patch Kids vodka to the bottles. Cool them in the fridge or freezer.

3.To serve, pour into shot glasses and go for it.

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