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Mom-to-Be Fashion


Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you can’t be fashionable or sacrifice your self in some glamorous aspects. Sure, you will need adequate clothes to make you feel better and comfortable. At first you will try to get into your favorite jeans, but the point will come when you have to accept that they won’t fit anymore and for your sake and that of your baby, you should go maternity clothing shopping.

You will have to sacrifice tights clothes that can make you uncomfortable and also high heel shoes since they can damage your spine or risk yourself to a fall. Don’t worry about these little details; you will look fabulous in comfy modern flats, or low heel sandals and bohemian blousons.

Pregnant women are well known for being sexy; this stage of their lives brings out their beauty, and the highest expression of their femininity and sensuality, even though it may not be their main purpose.

Today, a lot of designers and trendy retail stores keep maternity very present while creating their collections. They know they are clothes that will be worn for only a few months, and that week by week their bellies will grow and they should adapt these pieces to fit to their growing bodies. Some even create their clothes keeping in mind that pregnant ladies might want to keep their maternity clothes after they get their regular body back, after all, wide, loose clothing is one of the favorite trends for this past and present seasons. All these aspects are important since the economic factor is the biggest priority in a growing family in this century, but fashionable women don’t want to forget about feeling beautiful, sexy and in fashion.

Wedding dresses and lingerie can also be found available for pregnant silhouettes; those special moments don’t have to be put on hold because of your pregnancy. There are thousands of looks for every taste and body for that special day, or that special night that will make you look and feel spectacular. The same thing happens with bathing suits, either modern bikinis, or classic one piece suits; there is one available for your weekend getaway.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable while wearing this type of clothes, this season, bohemian dresses, flowy skirts and even skinny jeans are available for the mother to be. Printed fabrics, tights, cardigan sweaters, romantic blouses, jackets, cargo pants and shorts are among the favorites for this season’s maternity wear.

Feel like the most beautiful woman in the world in your own skin while pregnant, it is a form of femininity that no one can explain, the shine in a woman’s eyes can be admired from miles away, be sure to wear whatever you feel like, that unique spark and smile in your face will be your best accessory.

Confidence is also important, dare to show off your best feature to let the world know the miracle of motherhood, and continue to express your trendsetter attitude. offers safe and secure online shopping []; of more than 5000 unique fashion products for men, women, teens & kids shipped to you absolutely free anywhere in the world. Check out some bestsellers like maddona yellow georgette sari [] and different types of clothing, shoes, jewelry and fashion products.


By: Priyanka Arora

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