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My Teen Told Me His Friend Smokes Pot. Now What?

My Teen Told Me His Friend Smokes Pot

This is a relatively common issue amongst parents in our generation. More teens are starting to use drugs earlier and earlier. More than 30% of teens in high school have admitted to using marijuana and almost 20% have admitted to trying another drug. The statistics are alarming and all parents have a right to feel concerned.

If your teen has come to you about his friend using pot then you have to give them some credit to actually coming and telling you something that most teens would have kept a secret from their parents.

Why Teens Use Drugs

There are a lot of reasons why teens you use drugs at such a young age. They might be trying to fit into a crowd or relieve stress. There are a lot of good ways you can help your teen stay off drugs and how they can come to you if they have any questions. You want your children to trust you and you want to trust your children; bottom line.

How to Keep Your Kids Clean

Drugs are everywhere and most likely your kids will see them or be offered them before they leave high school. There are some positive ways you can speak to your children about drugs and how you can approach them.

When you have proven that your child is utilizing, or you think he’s utilizing, impart that to him. Frequently we believe it’s our obligation to trap our kids into letting us know reality, when truth is told we’re essentially setting them up to deceive us. For example, if you somehow managed to approach your child and say, “Have you been utilizing pot recently?” There is an in number probability that he will say no. Regardless of the fact that you have proven that he has been utilizing it.

A vastly improved approach to handle the circumstance is to tell your child all that you know and after that be tranquil. For this situation you would say, “When I was cleaning your room today I discovered pot in the pocket of your jeans.” That’s it. That is all you say. Basically sit tight for his answer.

Most high school kids have a need to contend with us trying to take us off subject. Try not to succumb to that trap. He may answer, “What’s the deal with you in my room and experiencing my stuff? You have no privilege to be there.” You ought to recognize that and after that get right back to the point. “Maybe you’re correct. I ought not to have been looking in your jeans pocket. I’m sad for attacking your protection. Presently please let me know about the pot.”

Try to Find out What’s Going On

As you are speaking to your child attempt to figure out what’s truly going on. Remember that if your child is anxious about your response you are more averse to get reality from him. Hold your feelings within proper limits and don’t concentrate on discipline. You’ll have a lot of time to make sense of proper results later. Give him a chance to feel sufficiently safe to converse with you. Keep your attention on helping him with this circumstance, not on rebuffing him.

Be mindful so as not to judge or your child rearing abilities, as of right now. In the event that they utilizing there are likely numerous purposes behind this, just a couple of which you may have control over.

Your deciding result ought to be to discover an outcome that will help him to settle on better decisions whenever he’s confronted with the circumstance of utilizing medications. Incorporate him in that procedure. In the event that you undermine to take the auto away, or some different disciplines how would you realize that will be successful? He may be now considering different methods for transportation. On the other hand possibly taking the auto away will really hinder helping him land to his position and in this manner finishing his obliged work to get his recognition. My point is that you truly need to thoroughly consider this. Try not to concentrate on discipline. Concentrate on helping him.

It’s never too late to request professional help if you see that is a fit too.



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