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Parenting Survival Guide – How To Effectively Deal With Your Toddler’s Tantrums


What are tantrums? To get a better picture, think about the last time you wanted to watch a movie but no matter how hard you try to open your player, it becomes more and more frustrating. The last thing you know is that you are throwing your remote control and the player’s manual all over the place. Whenever, someone would try to ask what is happening you will yell at them because you feel terrible and frustrated with the whole situation. Well, that my friend is known as an adult side of tantrum.

Tantrums are very common to children and like most adults, they too vary in temperaments. Some children experience it regularly while some rarely. Tantrum is an outburst of emotion caused by distress. It is commonly distinguished by crying, screaming, kicking, hitting and throwing one’s self to the ground. Kids throw tantrums because of hunger, tiredness or frustration and they want to get their parent’s attention.

Usually parent’s initial reaction is to discipline the kid. However, it is not always the best thing to do. According to experts, ignoring the kid’s tantrums will do trick. It will help children learn how to control self and emotions. However, not all children may be able to express their feelings and control their emotions. Here are simple ways to deal effectively tantrums.

Figure out the problem

Do not expect children to speak what they want to say or say what they feel. Imagine how frustrating it is when someone needs attention and not able to communicate what their needs are. Parents should know the behavior patterns of their children. As much as possible avoid situations that can lead into tantrums.

Never argue

If a parent tries to deal tantrums by quarreling with a toddler, they are in for a long fight. Toddler think immaturely. No matter how a parent tries to explain things or points out they are right, the kid would just ignore it. Sometimes toddlers does not understand what their parents are trying to tell them. Toddlers understand better through their parents actions. So arguing with a toddler would not work, so might as well let the actions speak louder than words.

Simply ignore tantrum

Tantrum triggers when a child fails to get what he or she wants. Sometimes it is effective to just ignore them. It is better to let the toddlers know that throwing a tantrum would never let them get what they want. It is not good if toddlers would be used to throw tantrums whenever they do not get what they want, it will make their tantrums continue and things can really go ugly.

Provide toddlers with choices

Let the toddlers learn how to choose what is right for them. Let them feel they have a free will. Whether to their favorite toy or favorite dress. This will give them a little self control and keep tantrums from developing.

Sometimes when toddlers failed to get what they want, simply give them other choices. Like if they are not allowed to drink soda and they got frustrated, offer them other drinks such as juice or milkshakes.

Divert their attention

Whenever tantrums occur on toddlers, just simply divert their attention to the things that they are interested with. This is usually effective because toddlers immediately forget their anger, failure and frustration. Take advantage of their short attention span.

Give them their favorite toys or turn on the television to catch their attention. Sometimes get their favorite dress and let them wear it. Dress them along with their favorite accessories. This is very fun most especially for little girls. Showing them old clothes and shoes and letting them to choose among the dresses are sometimes effective too.

If tantrums occur in adults, how much more in toddlers. Tantrum is a natural expression of a child in response to their frustrations or failures. Instead of joining the circus, focus on how to figure out the cause of tantrums, disciplining and diverting their attention. It is also advisable to know not just the behavioral patters of a child but their interests as well.

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By: Daryl B. Chapman