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Practice Guide For Pregnant Yoga Students


Pregnant yoga students will find routines really beneficial, but they need to be careful about the way in which they perform the exercises. The first weeks of pregnancy are not the best time to get into yoga asanas. If presently going through the 8 to 13 week of your pregnancy, it is better to avoid yoga practice. Don’t try asanas in which you need to hold your breath. In addition, abstain from practicing yoga when you are tired: you have to stay focused during practice.

If you attend yoga classes, you need to inform your instructor about your condition (naturally, that’s redundant for prenatal yoga). Below is a series of exercises that will help you get a feel of what prenatal yoga is about. When you are pregnant, yoga practice will help you get relaxed and enjoy a smooth pregnancy. You have to make sure that you’re performing the exercises in the right manner.

Yoga exercises

1. Lift hands above your head, taking it in your palms. Then inhale and slightly bend your torso backwards. Exhale and gently bend your body in upward direction. The duration of this exercise is between 1 and 3 minutes.
2. Exhale and sit on top of your heels. Place both hands on the pelvis. Duration of this exercise: one minute.
3. Sit down on the floor, propping your body with both hands. Inhale and raise your right leg. Exhale and place your hand on the floor. Do the same exercise for your right leg. Duration for this exercise: between 1 and 3 minutes.
4. Sit down on the floor again, making sure that your heels touch one another. Then, hold both feet with hands for one minute or so. Do circular movements to the right and left. Slowly raise both knees as to make them relax. Perform the exercise for 1 to 3 minutes.
5. Sit down on the floor again. Inhale and try to straighten your back. Exhale and relax it, bending upwards. Perform the exercise for 1 to 3 minutes
6. Squat, with both legs wide open. Stay in this position up to three minutes.
7. Sit down on the floor and begin to slowly make circular movements with your head – first to the left and then to the right. The duration for this exercise is 1 to 3 minutes.
8. Lie down sideways on the floor. Bend the leg you lie on a bit. Use a pillow to support your head. Inhale and lift your other foot. Exhale and put it down. The duration for this exercise is between 1 and 3 minutes for each leg.
9. Lie down on one side and relax.

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By: Amy James

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