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Protect My Child Online – How to Choose Parental Control Software


Did you know that 1 out of 4 CHILDREN were sent pictures of people who were either naked or engaged in a sexual act? I also found out that 1 out of 5 kids were solicited for sex on the Internet. These statistics are appalling to me and should be to any decent human being. It was only after learning these facts that I decided that I wanted to protect my child online and that is what started my quest in learning how to choose a parental control software program that I felt comfortable using and would provide my family with the protection we needed while surfing on the Internet.

To learn how to protect my child online and how to choose parental control software I decided I would do a simple internet search to find the best program. I was overwhelmed at the pure volume of the results that came back. My dilemma was that there were so many different parental control software programs out there I was confused as to which one to purchase.

Comparing all the various programs became very tedious but once I started to compare them I was able to determine that some programs were clearly superior to others. So after discarding the inferior programs I was then able to narrow it down to a half dozen or so. After making a list of what things were most important to me, like email monitoring, recording internet usage, ability to block certain sites effectively, and web filtering, I was then able to narrow my list down to three programs. These three program I thought offered the most protection for the investment and seemed like the easiest to install and operate.

I learned how to choose the correct parental control software by narrowing down what it was that was important to me and weeding out the programs that did not offer those features. Now I have the ability to fully protect my child online. The three programs that I would recommend are:

#1 Web Watcher

#2 Net Nanny

#3 PC Tattle Tale


By: Roxanne M Jenkins

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