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Quick Snack and Meal Ideas – Healthy Eats for Moms on the Run


What mother of young children isn’t in a hurry? Driving around town, preparing lunches, changing diapers, shopping and trying to exercise. Whether you work outside or inside of the home, chances are you’re looking for shortcuts when it comes to meals and snacks. Here are a few ideas to get your efficient juices flowing and lose weight in the process.

Quick Lunch Ideas:

Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with celery sticks
Tuna melt with sliced tomatoes on whole wheat bread
Bowl of tomato soup with a whole grain roll
Ready made salad and chicken breast strips
Whole wheat English muffin melt with tomato and cheese
Chicken salad stuffed in a hollowed-out green pepper
Vegetable quesadillas
Quick Snack Ideas:

Yogurt topped with granola and fruit
Bran muffin with apple slices
Brown rice cake topped with ricotta cheese, cinnamon and thinly sliced apple
Bell peppers and hummus
Light popcorn
Cottage cheese topped with peaches or strawberries
Celery with peanut butter or dressing
When you want to snack, you’ll reach for the food that’s easiest to eat. So wash and prepare your vegetables before you need them. At the next snack attack, you’ll be ready with cut celery sticks, snap peas, baby carrots or bell pepper strips. The same thing goes for fruit. A whole cantaloupe or watermelon remains uneaten, day after day. But once it’s sliced and ready to go, voila, it’s a delicious and easy snack. Slice up an apple and have it as a snack two hours after breakfast. Have a slice every few minutes to keep your desire for munchies at bay until lunchtime.

Yes, eating healthy involves more preparation than reaching for a bag of chips. But the payoff is well worth the effort. Your health will improve, you’ll lose weight, and your kids will have a great example of healthy eating. And remember, great choices don’t have to take an hour to prepare.

Today’s Action Step: What are some healthy snack and meal choices you will make today?

Arlene Pellicane, mother of a toddler and infant, helps women lose their baby weight and thrive as wives and mothers. Her weekly podcast “Losing Weight After Baby” is full of practical ideas that work for busy moms. Visit Arlene’s website for free articles and exercises at and blog at


By: Arlene Pellicane

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