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Reducing Stress For Stay At Home Moms


Gone are the days when a jumpsuit was seen as a trademark fashion apparel meant for the women working in the farms only. Of course, this notion had got a nourishment when the grand depression of 30’s was on a rampage. Also no more is the time when people termed it as a dress which resembled the uniforms of a pilot of Air Force or a skydiver.

Rather, the fashionable ladies, especially the fashionable moms, seem all geared up this spring/summer to don a variety of jumpsuits to enhance their looks. Definitely, the moms this spring/summer are busy looking for a dress which gives them a flattering and deceiving look without much effort. Thus they have chosen a flattering jumpsuit which knows what to hide and what to reveal of an aging mother.

This easy to wear dress is liked by a mom as its all-in-one design covers the stretch marks around her waistline and hides the deformity of her tummy line, comprehensively. And gives her a flattering look and silhouette which remains a distant dream, merely, in case of wearing any other summer women’s clothing.
If there is one thing that women who have traded their careers in corporate life for that of a stay at home mom (SAHM) can agree on it is that the SAHM position is greatly under valued. Making that even more irritating is that many will also say that their own partners don’t really understand the stress and anxiety inherent in running a household.This lack of understanding and support often leads to even more stress and frustration within the marriage.

Clearly anyone who is a SAHM should be considered a professional in exactly the same way any other profession is viewed. This is a position that calls for a wide variety of management as well as technical skills. As a SAHM, you should approach your challenges in much the same way you did in the corporate world simply because the challenges and stress are much the same.

Take a moment to go over these suggestions on making your new position more orderly and less challenging.

Plan Your Days
If your prior work experience was in an office you are already familiar with the idea of planning your workdays and workweeks. In much the same way, the planning associated with running a household are very similar. Assign yourself goals to reach each day and work towards achieving them. Will it work all the time? Of course not, there are going to be roadblocks and detours making reaching your daily or weekly goals challenging. But isn’t that what always happened in the corporate world too? The trick at home is the same as it was at work; go with the flow and don’t let it get you down.

Be a Benevolent Dictator
When your children become a bit older make them a part of your “workforce”. Not in a negative or destructive way, but to begin to teach them both responsibility and how to follow directions. I suggest a task list posted on the fridge door, or some other central spot.

This task list is divided into columns, each with a name at the top (Mom, Dad, etc.). In each column list the tasks that person will be responsible for. As an example, Dad might get washing the car, Mom is cooking dinner, and each child will have their own age appropriate task to be completed. This task list can be done either daily or weekly, whichever works best for your family.

I used the term “benevolent dictator” with reason. This is your profession and you are the boss. Should the tasks not be completed there must be consequences such as loss of privilege. Just be benevolent and remember, these are your family and you can’t fire them!

I think that by implementing these two fairly simple suggestions you will find it much easier to make the transition from corporate soldier to a SAHM. You will find that many of the challenges you faced in the office you will also face at home. Lack of time, shifting priorities, and uncooperative coworkers are found in both professions. You will be able to handle those challenges at home as well as you once did in the office but with much greater rewards.

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By: Jess L Moore

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