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Should My Child Have a Cell Phone at School?

Should My Child Have a Cell Phone at School

Has your child come to you with wishes of having their very own cell phone? I’m sure this has you worried about what to do. It is too soon? Will they be safe with one? All the questions you’re asking yourself are perfectly acceptable.

Yes, your child should have a cell phone at the appropriate age. There are many beneficial reasons why. Especially in this generation where almost everything is technology driven and we don’t have to worry about their safety because they are only one call or text away.

Cell Phones Keep Kids Safe

The main reason why we say this is because if there is an emergency you can communicate with each other in an instant. You won’t have to worry and feel anxious because you can send a quick text and get a reply within seconds. That’s the beauty of it. We think late middle school and high school is the perfect age to let your child have a phone. They start going to after school practices and functions without you at this age and for both of your safety concerns this can be resolved with a cell phone.

Most cell phones these days come with GPS locators and can be programmed for phones that are specially made for children. If you can’t get in touch with your child you can always GPS their location and get there immediately. It’s almost as is you know their exact location at all times even when they might have told a little lie.

Sprint offers what’s called the “Family Locator” and AT&T offers what’s called “Familymap”. You can endless choices of safety features you can add to their phone.

Mobile Phones Are Affordable

Before this generation a cell phone was considered a luxury item and only a select few had them. Nowadays even possesses a phone and they are relatively cheap if you don’t go all out and buy an iPhone. You can get a cheap prepaid phone from all major chain stores and set a limit of how much they can utilize. It’s affordable and extremely convenient.

Mobile Phones Will Teach Responsibility

If your kid has been begging you let her out more this is the perfect tool to test the waters. Give her more space if she promises to check in. That way you have peace of mind and she is learning the ropes of how to be a responsible adult. Set rules they should follow and if they break them take the phone until they agree to the rules again.

More Family Bonding

We understand trying to communicate with your kids and teenagers can be challenging. They think we speak a different language and we think the same of them. Being able to text each throughout the day and when you want to remind them of something is easy and can strengthen relationships in the household. It may sound silly but it’s a great conversation starter. Your kids may feel less resistant if you approach them at a level that is more compatible to them.

We hope this helps make the decision easier for you and your children. Cells phone are a great tool for communication and possess a lot of safety features.



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