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Six Summer Job Ideas for Teens

Summer Job Ideas for Teens

Teaching teens about the value of money and the importance of savings can be difficult. When teens work and are learning to manage their own money, decisions about money become more relevant. A summer job is an easy way for kids to earn a little cash and start learning what it means to be responsible for their own money, understanding how debit and checking accounts work and saving a little for the future. Here are six summer job ideas for teens.

  • Camp Counselor: If you teen are a natural leader, a camp counselor job might be right up your alley. Start early in the spring looking around for camps and organizations that may utilize teen helpers. When applying, make sure to list any service clubs or leadership roles in school and church that may transfer to working with kids in a camp setting.
  • Life Guard: Being a life guard is a great way to spend the summer. Training and certification is usually available through your local recreation department. With a job as a life guard you get to spend a lot of time in the sun and in the pool if that is your thing.
  • Nanny: Many parents are looking for a nanny for their school age children during the summer months to avoid putting them in daycare for summer vacation. Investing in a CPR certification course will make you very attractive to parents who want to provide quality care for their children.
  • Lawn Care: With just a lawnmower, weed eater and hedge clippers you can start your own lawn care business. With social media and parental contacts, you should be able to schedule enough regular lawn care jobs to stay busy and earning cash during the summer months.
  • House or Pet Sitting: House or pet sitting is a great way to earn a little money over the summer. As your neighbors and friends are going out of town, they may need someone to come every day and take care of the animals. This involves feeding and watering them as well as taking the dogs out a couple of times per day and cleaning litter boxes or bird cages. As a house sitter, you may need only to take in the mail or turn a few lights on and off. An older teen may even be hired to stay at a home while the residents are out of town.
  • Tutor: If you are a good student and work well with younger students, a job as a tutor may be a good idea. Tutors can make up to $25 per hour. If you are especially good at math, you have a great chance of getting several customers. It only takes four students who need your help once or twice per week to earn a good bit tutoring during the summer. You can post flyers on library and school bulletin boards as well as publicize on social media for customers.

These six summer job ideas for teens are great ways to earn a little cash during the summer and start learning how to manage money in an effective and productive way.



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