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Three Inspired Gardening Projects for Kids

Gardening Projects for Kids

There is almost nothing better than watching the awe on children’s faces as they learn about the world around them. One of the best ways to enjoy teaching your child about nature and watching them learn about their environment is to work with them on simple garden projects. When that seeds sprouts their excitement can’t be contained. Here are three inspired gardening projects for kids that are amazingly simple and inexpensive.

  • Two Liter Bottle Tomato Plants: Visit your local store and buy three or four tomato plant seedlings. Look for seedlings that are fairly small and can be fed through the opening of a two liter bottle. Water the plants well and set aside. Cut off the bottom off two liter bottles about three inches from the bottom. Use a hole-punch to make three holes equally spaced around the edge of the bottom. Carefully remove the plant from its container. From the inside of the two liter bottle, feed the plant through the opening. Plants are pretty hardy, but try not to break any stems. Add potting soil around the base and roots of the plants and fill the now upside down two liter bottle until it is about ¾ full. Attach string or wire at the holes and hang the entire bottle on the porch where it will get good sunlight. Water regularly and wait on your two liter bottle tomato plants to grow. Kids will love eating something they grew themselves.
  • Sponge Grass House: All you need for a sponge grass house are some kitchen sponges in different colors, a plastic container or bin, scissors and some fast growing grass seed. Use new sponges and give them a quick wash. Squeeze them out, but let them remain damp. With supervision, let children cut and shape the sponges into a house and place in the bottom of the plastic container. You can use stick pins to hold the house together if necessary. Using a spray bottle, spray the house with clean water to get the sponges wet, but not soaked. Sprinkle grass seed over the top of every surface. Place the container where the sponge grass house can get sun and watch the grass grow. Your child can use scissors to trim the grass as it grows and make their sponge house look amazing!
  • Toilet Paper Roll Seedlings: You can make toilet paper roll seedlings in the beginning of spring to use for transplanting to a larger garden later. Kids love to see little seedlings sprout up from their work. Have on hand toilet paper rolls, seeds (beans, sunflowers, and tomatoes work well), and potting soil (one with plant food is great). Stuff the toilet paper roll with damp potting soil. Set the seedlings up in a cardboard box and wait for them to sprout. When they are ready, plant the seedling and the toilet paper roll in the garden or a large planter. This is a great way of teaching kids about growing plants and recycling!

These three inspired gardening projects for kids are a great way to spend some time with your kids while teaching them about gardening and taking care of plants.



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