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Tips for Raising Twins

Raising Twins

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re overwhelmed at the thought of raising twins. Maybe you just found out you’re having them, maybe they just arrived and you’re not exactly sure what to do. Either way, there are a few helpful tips we can give you that will simplify your life tremendously! And don’t worry- you’ll get the hang of it. And once you do, you’ll love every minute of it and have twice the joy.

Keep Them on the Same Schedule

The number one problem that parents have in regards to raising twins is scheduling issues. Those first few months of having just one baby can be taxing on parents, so having two can easily be twice as taxing. Without a game plan to execute, you’re liable to lose twice the sleep as you would otherwise, and that will compound any other issue tremendously in and of itself. Do yourself a favor – get them on the same schedule starting on day 1. The temptation will be to let them sleep when they want to sleep, especially at the beginning when they need to eat every two hours. You’ll be exhausted to the point where one is finished eating, the other is sleeping, and you want to sleep. Don’t do it! If one wakes to eat, wake the other. Doing this will eventually, after a few weeks, get them on the same schedule, and will allow you rest without interruption when they both sleep. It’ll be very hard at first, but you’ll be glad you did it!

Color Code Everything

Pick a color, any color, and stick with it. Jacob’s color is green, and Ethan’s color is blue. Everything that you buy for them, aside from clothes or toys or items where it doesn’t really matter, pick their respective colors. This will save you lots of worry and confusion in the future, where one has a cold and wants a pacifier, and you’re wondering if you’re handing him the wrong one. They’ll share less germs, and it’s a clear, easy way to communicate with family and baby sitters which is which.

Be Consistent with the Big Things

One car seat belongs to one, and one belongs to the other; one high chair belongs to one, and one belongs to the other; one crib belongs to one, and one belongs to the other. Don’t ever swap or change without very good reason! This will prevent confusion on your part, on your spouses part, and even on the baby’s parts as they grow.

Don’t Compare One to the Other

Although they may look alike and act alike, they are two completely different people, likely with different abilities and skill sets that will develop at different times. One will meet milestones before the other, and one will be better at some things than the other is. Don’t stress out about it, and definitely don’t hold each other to unfair standards. Support them as they are, recognizing that each will grow and develop at their own pace.

Without question, the first few months will be the most difficult for you as you transition to having two newborns at one time. Getting them onto one schedule, color coding and staying consistent will help you tremendously in the long run!




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