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Tips On How To Dye Your Hair At Home


Nearly 40 percent of women color their own hair at home and why not when it’s much cheaper than going to the salon. But home hair coloring can go wrong. So, if you are experienced at home hair coloring or if you are a newbie to home hair dye and are worried about turning your hair to a shiny shade of orange, then read these tips on how to dye your hair at home.

Think about quality and quantity
Hair color is one of those items that the more you pay. Do not skimp the price and remember to buy enough dye too. If your hair is thick or any longer than shoulder length, then you will probably need 2 packs of hair color product.

Read the instructions!
Do not assume that you know best, always read the instructions carefully. Different manufacturers have different instructions and those instructions are there for a reason.

Do not dye freshly washed hair
Another good tip is to avoid coloring freshly washed hair. Dye work best on hair that was washed a couple of days ago. If you wash your hair just before you color, then the dye can cause scalp irritation.

Be careful touching up roots
When you are touching any gray roots that have sprouted, remember to color only the new growth and do not overlap with the ready colored hair. If you do so, you can create a dark band of color around your hair.

Keep your skin protected
Here is another tip on how to dye your hair at home is to always protect your skin. Wear gloves on your hand, which are normally supplied with the dye and protect the part of skin around your hairline with some Shea butter and Vaseline.

Take care of your colored hair
Another tip on how to dye your hair at home, it is best not to wash newly colored for at least 24 hours or some of the color may wash out. After that choose shampoo and conditioner that are marked color-friendly.

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