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When Your Child’s ADHD Affects Your Relationship

When Your Child's ADHD Affects Your Relationship

Increasing in occurrence is a disorder called Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, otherwise known as ADHD. Sometimes noted as a mild learning disability on the Autism Spectrum, this disability can be difficult to manage as a child and as a parent, and can take its toll on relationships that become fragile from conflict and argument over time. Advice can be taken into consideration to help prevent this from happening, and how to help if it does.

Educate Yourself Constantly

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, familiarize yourself with it extensively. Study it, and learn everything there is to know about it. Do a refresher search for new information every few months, as doctor’s are on the cutting edge of learning more and more about it, and how to treat it. Educating yourself will also keep you healthily aware of what your child is going through, even though you may not understand it instinctively.

Give Them What They Need

Chances are, they’ll have a different style of learning – one that’s more hands on. If they have a teacher who takes a lecture-style approach to class, it may be necessary to have a conference with her to fill her in on your child’s condition. This will help equip her to accommodate the required style of learning, which in turn will help in keeping the attention of your child, which will keep him engaged and on the right track in learning.

In addition, your child, like any other child, will act out and require discipline. Learn what works as far as disciplinarian methods, and never allow a “mis-hap” to go unaddressed just because he has a learning disability. Although you may handle things differently, you’ll still need to address right from wrong in every scenario, just as you would with a typically developing child.

In extreme cases, medication may be helpful to help them to concentrate and settle at appropriate times. This may not always be the case, and should be discerned only by a doctor.

When Times Get Hard

Inevitably, there are times that dealing with a child with ADHD will be taxing on you as a parent, which will sometimes affect your relationship with your child. It’s important to show grace to your child whenever you can, as this teaches them to show you grace when you are out of line. Never forego an opportunity to meet your child where they are to discuss behaviors, but also an opportunity just to spend time with them without any discussion at all. At the end of the day, counseling can help when relationships have gone south. Chances are, you’ll realize that you’re the one that needs help coping in hard times, not your child.

Kids, parents, families can live happily and normally in the presence of someone with ADHD, it just takes a little bit of effort to meet the child where they are, and patience to deal with behaviors that may not feel natural to you.



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