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Women’s Body Changes At 37 Week Of Pregnancy: Baby Development And Tips


If you are pregnant and you are in 37th week of pregnancy, then pack up and be ready to go hospital. Because this is the time, when delivery can take place, mostly it can take place between 37th to 40th weeks of the pregnancy. 37th week baby will do well after birth, but birth after 39th week, doctors will not induce labor or perform cesarean delivery before the 39th weeks of pregnancy.

Mostly doctors use to recommend the screening test of group B streptococcus. It is kinds of bacteria which can found around the vagina. It is harmful if it passed through the baby and can cause serious lungs infection. If the test resulted in to positive then antibiotics can be recommended for that.

Body Changes In Week 37:

you will feel more pressure on pelvic bones at 37th week of pregnancy, while your waistline continue to expand and your beast is enlarging, full of milk, ready for feeding and leaking colostrum , breast become sensitive and painful to touch.

Baby Development In Week 37:

As your baby grows, the amniotic fluid continues to decrease.
Hairs are growing rapidly and depending on genetics, the baby’s head can be full of hair at this point. Baby can become 19 inches longer and 16 pounds weight at 37thweek pregnancy.

His skin is very smooth and sensitive due to fat building. Baby’s
lungs are fully developed and ready for breathing.

Pregnancy Tips For Week 37:

It is very essential for pregnant women to take rest as much as she can, because it is very critical stage, a little incident can take life of both. Early in the morning do some walk because it helps you to reduce pain. Continue eating small and energetic meal and try to eat food which is rich in minerals and vitamins and nutrients.

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