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Workout Do’s and Don’t When Pregnant

Workout Do’s and Don’t When Pregnant

Back in the day, people used to tell pregnant women that they shouldn’t work out. However, as modern medicine has become better, it has become clear that healthy women should definitely work out during their pregnancies. As a matter of fact, exercising may make carrying a child easier on the body overall, plus it may decrease labor, delivery, and recovery time. However, there are things that a pregnant woman should and should not do while working out when they are pregnant. We are going to review some of those items here.

Do Check with your Doctor Before You Work Out

While working out while pregnant is generally a good thing for both you and your baby, it isn’t always guaranteed to be healthy. As anyone who has started a new workout routine has heard: be sure you check with your doctor before you begin any exercise program. Many of us ignore that advice and just begin physical activity anyway with little to no negative consequences. When you are pregnant, you should definitely check with your doctor before working out because there are some exercises that can harm the fetus.

Do Work Out 30 Min a Day

Once you have been cleared by your doctor, it is a great goal to try and work out 30 minutes every day. If you can’t do every day, don’t sweat it. Working out most days is also fine. Just be sure you are exercising moderately for those thirty minutes, don’t let yourself over heat and do drink lots of water.

Exercises that are Recommended that you Do

When you are pregnant low impact exercises are your friend. Many mom’s swear by prenatal yoga. They claim that the yoga not only helped them be active while pregnant, but actually helped labor and delivery be less stressful. Walking and swimming are other low impact workouts that are wonderful and easy while pregnant. Some pregnant moms in their third trimester love swimming because of the weightless feeling. Many doctors recommend gently building up strength in your shoulders, back, chest, and biceps throughout your pregnancy in order to make caring for and holding your baby easier when he/she gets here.

Types of Exercises you Shouldn’t Do

High impact sports are frowned upon when you are pregnant. Anything that carries the risk that you might fall should be avoided. For instance, avoid horseback riding, skiing, ice skating, basketball, and soccer. Plus, you should avoid lifting anything heavy, especially heavy weights. Also, anything that requires you to wear a belt around your waist could definitely be harmful to your child, if not incredibly uncomfortable for you.

Don’t Work Out When…

Don’t’ work out if you are feeling lightheaded or dizzy. Do not exercise in hot environments to help you avoid getting overheated. Don’t exercise at an intense pace. Stay at a moderate pace and both you and your baby will be happy.

Remember, pregnancy isn’t forever. You can resume your normal routine after birth.




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